The RKM 740 Interdisciplinary Specialist Clinic is built not only on mainstream specialist healthcare but also on complementary and preventive medicine.

In addition to interdisciplinary mainstream care, we employ various complementary medicine practices, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), naturopathic treatments and Ayurvedic medicine. Complementary and mainstream medicine are not competing approaches, instead they complement each other within holistic treatment.

Our philosophy is to take your hand in dealing with your health problems and to offer you the broadest possible range of treatment options, employing a variety of therapeutic approaches. Thanks to our years of experience in complementary and mainstream medicine, we can bridge the gaps between different individual therapeutic approaches, giving you the best of all worlds.

At our specialist consultations, you’ll be given the choice between complementary medical treatment or therapy based exclusively on mainstream medicine at the outset. Needless to say, you can also incorporate elements of mainstream medicine into complementary treatment or vice versa – depending on what feels right for you or what your doctor recommends.

Medicinal or surgical treatments are not obligatory waypoints on the road to health. Disease is usually heralded by mild symptoms. Our aim is to cooperate with you to raise your awareness of the early signs of incipient disease, thereby preventing the potential development of chronic conditions.

What form might that take? In an in-depth consultation, we’ll filter out mild or already established health issues. Frequently, everyday issues will emerge, such as long-term malnutrition, an unfavourable daily rhythm or other stress factors that upset our body’s equilibrium. Complementary medical therapies come into play here, for example medications based purely on herbal products, nutritional counselling for cardiovascular diseases, and manual therapies such as acupuncture or marma therapy.